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Chicken scratch.png

Texas Chicken Scratch

Developed just for chicken try this next time you have some on the barbecue, whether doing a traditional smoke or beer can, then flavor is always there and reliable.

swine shaker.png

Texas Swine Shaker

Whether it is ribs or pork butt, this is the seasoning that you are looking for.


Trinity Season All

This is a perfect base rub that will elevate any dish you cook whether a popular beef, chicken or pork dish or something a little different like lamb, vegetables or game.

cattle call.png

Texas Cattle Call

Perfect on any beef product this rub s ideal for smoking from brisket to rib-eye


Texas Classic BBQ Sauce

This is a traditional style Texas BBQ sauce that pairs well with a wide range of BBQ meats.


Texas Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Add a little sweet heat to your next BBQ creation with B&B Texas Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

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