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9kg Oak Lump Charcoal

Plentiful in most of the USA, this wood is a favorite among both champion Cooks and the neighborhood cul-de-sac chef. It’s a hearty wood with a mild flavor making it ideal for almost any meat you would like to cook.


9kg Mesquite Lump Charcoal

Welcome to Texas. This strong, flavorful wood has been a long established go-to for many in the Longhorn state and the Western U.S. Because strong flavor it’s great for brisket, pork, as well as  game such as Sambar and Fallow


9kg Hickory Lump Charcoal

The go to standard for most professional and backyard grillmasters. Hickory delivers a brilliant flavor as it marinates with the natural juices of your entrée, especially if it’s pork, beef of some seafood

40lb lump.png

18kg Hardwood Lump Charcoal

This mixture combines woods which will compliment any dish you serve to your guests. The mild flavor this brings will add a whole other savory level to your poultry and seafood.


8kg Oak Briquettes

Derived from the Oak Lump, this all natural briquette is a favorite among world champion pit masters because of its long and clean burn. This aids them in controlling the flavor profile when delivering a winning to dish to not only the competition judges but to their own families. Works great with any meat because of its mild flavour


13.5kg Competition Char-logs

This B&B Charcoal product is a variation on a briquette, where the charcoal is extruded into a hollow log shape that burns similar to the square counterpart. They are proving to be very popular among many live fire and grilling pit masters. This can be attributed to the longer, cleaner and hotter burn which they provide. This helps to keep a nice bed of coals as you add other woods as compliment flavors, if you choose.

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